Region 6 Solid Waste Management Outreach & Education Webinars 


Outreach & Education

Due to Covid-19 all of our presentations are offered online via Microsoft Teams

Events & Booths

Organizing an event? Let us help you with our best practices of where your sorting stations should be placed and what containers are needed. We will ensure you are following municipal solid waste bylaws, using proper bags, determining final disposal of your waste and proper signs for containers. We will even set up a booth near a sorting station with information about 'what goes where'.  


School & Public Presentations

We would love to come to your classroom or community group to teach the three R's,  how to properly sort waste and how litter is waste that's not in it's place! We can customize to the need of the teacher or group. Online presentations are offered and are interactive to make learning fun! Presentations are 20 min long with a 10 min question period. 


Waste Audits

We are happy to visit your business, organization, home, apartment building institution, public space or office to do a needs assessment for waste management. We review what you already have in place and make recommendations to improve your separation and reduction of waste. We provide proper signs for containers as well. 



Are you having trouble with people not separating waste properly? We can come in to do a staff training to make sure everyone knows how to sort their garbage correctly. 



This project will help youth understand the importance of food waste and how we can turn it into a resource! They can watch the composting process as it is happening and make observations along the way. 

Once the compost is complete, we will come to talk about the project and the observations that were made.  We will bring some seeds and plant them using your compost.

Covid 19 restrictions will be followed; it is best to have an outside meeting space to complete this program.

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