Region 6 Solid Waste Management Outreach & Education Webinars 


Waste Reduction Week Webinars

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Reduce Reuse Recycle 

Nova Scotia is a leader in waste management, we have been recycling for over 20 years. Since becoming experts in recycling why has our disposal rate increased? Join me on a journey into Nova Scotia's accomplishments and how we turn old ideas new again. 

Junk Generation

Living in a world that is so wasteful can be challenging. How did we get here and can it be fixed? The biggest challenge, how do we shift our vocabulary from disposal of waste to storing?

Reducing Food Waste

Households in Canada end up throwing away over $1,400 worth of food each year. Let's explore why that happens and the changes we can make to reduce our food waste by turning it into a resource.


Due to Covid-19 all of our presentations are offered online

Composting at Home    with worms

Composting with worms is a convenient way to dispose of food waste and is a great way to feed your garden and plants. This presentation will walk you through the entire process start to finish! The end result, homegrown compost!

30 minutes

Composting at Home    Kids Edition

Learn how to make your own compost using a pop bottle. This 4 week experiment teaches kids the value of not wasting food and how to turn old food scraps into a resource. 
30 minutes

Junk Generation

Living in a wasteful world can be challenging. This presentation brings to light how bad our throw away society can be and what we need to do to fix it. 
30 minutes 

What Goes Where

Let us walk you through what goes where, what type of bags to use and just how easy recycling can be.
30 minutes

History of Garbage

How did we get to where we are today in waste management? Let's go back in time to take a look at how far we have come. 
30 minutes 

Waste Management in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is that best at waste management in the world! Let me show you how and the achievements we've made.
30 minutes

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